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I am running Outlook 2013 with an IMAP gmail account. Last week a copy of my sent messages started appearing in my inbox. As far as I know I did not change any settings. Many users seem to have had conflicts with Outlook and gmail. Would you recommend switching to an account? Thank you,Terry
You won't have this problem with an account and will be able to sync calendar and contacts, but only you can decide if getting a new email address is worth it.

The sent mail problem has always been an issue with gmail. I don't know why you didn't see the sent items before. Most people do.

Do you have 2 copies of the sent items or just one?
Thank you. I get one copy in the Sent Mail folder and one in my inbox
Go to file, Account Settings, double click on the account then More Settings. Look on the Advanced tab - is do not save sent copies checked? Try checking it and see if the one in the Inbox goes away. Gmail saves a copy when you send a message and the copy Outlook saves is seen in the Inbox because of the weird way gmail handles folders/labels.
The box next to Do Not save has been checked. If I switch to can I still use IMAP? Appreciate your help.
EAS is Exchange ActiveSync - this is what smartphones use to sync and Exchange server accounts. EAS will sync calendar and contacts but is download only. If you move mail into the folders (from another account) you need to use imap.
I opened an account but am unable to determine if it is an imap account. But I need to figure out why the messages sent from my gmail account are going to my inbox. About two hours ago "three" copies of every sent email started to show up in my inbox. supports IMAP. You'd set it up in Outlook (or another mail client) as an IMAP account. If you let outlook auto setup the account, it will be an EAS account.

Instructions are here: Setup as imap

As for the triplicates, I have no idea. Check rules and make sure you don't have a wayward rule making a copy - use stop processing on all rules to avoid this.
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