Passive Mailbox database Resynchronization issue

Expecting soluton for Passive Mailbox Database Resynchronizing issue

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My name is Srikanth and i am the new member in this forum. I am facing Resynchronizing issue with one the passive database. For a clear view in our environment we have 4 Virtual servers 2 MBX server and 2 HUB/CAS servers. We are using Exchange server 2010 and we have DAG as well.
We have placed our Mailbox Database (*.edb) files in one drive and Log files in another drive for all the Databases (total 13 DB's with one Journaling DB). All databases have their active and passive copies.
Actual the issues is the backup team didnt took the data backup for one day and our logs drive space has reached to max and we have moved the log files manually in another drive to get space so that mail flow should not interupt. After 4 hours when we checked that perticular DB passive database had gone to Resynchronizing and copy queue lenght is showing as 654201 but the active Mbx DB is in mounted state only, but there is no sync happening between active and passive.

I have suspended the passive copy and resumed it again but still the same problem (Resynchronizing). For your reference i have attached the screen shot for your reference.

The size of the active and passive DB is 47 GB.

Could any one please help me on this and provide the steps to solve this issue.


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