tracking emails in outlook 2010


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I am receiving an email and in the information line it states "this email is part of a tracked conversation" questions are:
1. can the original sender see if/whom you have forwarded this email to?
2. Assuming the answer to question 1 is yes, can the original sender see the body of the email that was forwarded...for instance I forwarded an email sent to me by said original sender to another person and typed a note with the forward....
3. I have tried following the directions via google to recreate this scenario so i could test it to see for myself but have been unsuccessful.

Help please :)

Diane Poremsky

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1. No, not if it's the message I think is. Note: if you forward meeting requests the organizer may find out - if not via a notification from the server (some admins disable that feature), they will be notified if the person accepts it.

2. No, they wouldn't see the message unless someone shared it with them.

3. :) Don't feel bad - i can't repro it today either.