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I was adding appointments to my Outlook 2007 calendar when suddenly all of my events disappeared off of the calendar. ALL! I was pasting a new event onto the calendar, and I got an error message and suddenly the calendar was empty. All my events are visible if I chose to display the listing of “All Appointments” from the drop down menu. And, they’re still on my synced iPhone. But, I can’t see any of them on the screen.

I have a number of calendars to select from, and I know that my active calendar is the “Calendar in icloud”, but each calendar is empty. If I add a new event, it adds just fine but also doesn’t appear. It’s like they’re all invisible.

I have Reset Current View and that didn't help.

What did I do and how do I get my calendar visible again? Outlook 2007, home PC.



W7, 64 Bit
If you can see them in the list view, the view is bad. if resetting the view on the folder didn't fix it, you'll need to close outlook and restart it using the /cleanviews switch. (This will delete any custom views you are using anywhere in Outlook. )
Great. I'll try that. Any negatives to this approach?
Only if you have custom views on other folders. If you don't use custom views or don't have many, there are no negatives. But if you have a lot of custom views, they will be wiped out.
It certainly cleared all of my views and reset them, but no events are visible. In other words, I still have the same problem.

I executed:
Outlook.exe /cleanviews

Other ideas? What else could it be???

I'd try a custom view - view menu, find the define views command then create a new view and apply.
I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but I'll give it a look.

I have a back up of my files from late Wednesday. Is there a file I can recover that I can replace that will undo whatever I've done here? Where are Outlook settings kept? Does this make sense?[DOUBLEPOST=1411239730][/DOUBLEPOST]I created a new view, but no effect.
On File, Data file management, see where your pst file is stored and confirm you backed up the files in that location. If you have the pst from Wednesday, you could replace this one with it.

Or, if you want to try one more thing... The data is there if you can see it in the list view, so you haven't lost anything - and it's most certainly a bad view. Since cleanviews failed to fix it, try running scanpst on the current pst - we usually recommend running it 3 times, not sure if you'll need 3. But it's worth a shot and may be easier than trying to recover mail between the backup and now.

How to use scanpst
I will try the scanpst.

I have multiple Outlook.Pst files.

One is in "C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook" and is small at 265KB.

and the other is on my data drive "E:\Outlook" and it's 3.3GB. (I put it here deliberately to keep it off my boot drive.)

Which do I need to recover? Obviously I have mail in my large file.

And I have a pair of Archive.PST files too.
The small PST file is empty, the larger PST file is the one you're using in your profile.

BTW, the calendar should be in the big PST file.
I ran it until it came back clean, but still no events show. What's going on?

The small PST updates; the date changes.
Is the small PST file in your profile? That would account for the date change, but that is the size of an empty file. I think you're going to need to restore your backup copy.
Please check me on this:

The only file I need to pull back is the Outlook.PST, 3.3GB file? The smaller one is irrelevant, correct?
The Archive.PST is okay. I don't need to restore that one, do I? Maybe I've archived some email since my last backup. Does that matter?
Outlook settings are not stored anywhere else.
Can I copy my latest emails into an Explorer folder and then pull them back into the restored Outlook.PST file once I bring it back over so I don't lose anything?
I'll lose recent appointments that I've made since Wednesday, won't I?

Correct, get a copy of the 3.3 GB file - that should be the one with the calendar that has the bad view.

Yes, copy the latest email to windows explorer... actually, what I would do is get the backup, rename it and add it to the profile. Set it as default and make sure the POP account is delivering to it (Account Settings > Email tab, Change Folder at the bottom). Drag the new mail from the old pst to the new one. You said the appointments are visible in All Appointments view - you could try copying them to the new pst file. Unless you are afraid you'll mess up outlook again.
BTW do you know which appointment triggered this? I don't know if moving the perp (or all the new appts, if you aren't sure which one caused it) to a new calendar then try resetting the view.
First Mrs. Poremsky, let me wholeheartedly thank you for your time and great patience with me here. I so appreciate your helping me. I will be forever grateful!! I am not a newbie, but I do have a knack for finding the oddest flaws in software and strange situations like this one, although this has stumped me worse than any in a long while. FAQ’s rarely help me; I manage to find the one-off’s!

I was adding an event via copy and paste when all of this exploded. If I can find it, I’ll try to delete it and see what happens. That’s probably pretty low impact risk-wise to try. In fact, maybe I can delete it from my iPhone and see if that will delete it from Outlook (which it should). Or should I delete it directly from Outlook myself? I'm just not 100% sure of which event was the trigger. But we’ll see.

Assuming that fails, here’ my plan.

1. Copy my latest emails into a folder in Explorer. There’s nothing I can do about the events I added to my Calendar, is there? I’ll just have to manually reenter those. I’ll have to check those on my iPhone, if I can remember them all. I wonder if my iPhone will re-sync Outlook with these events that will be gone when I restore the backup, or if Outlook will delete the new events off of my phone? Any idea?

2. It seems safest from my perspective to rename my current Outlook.PST and Archive.PST files “just in case” and copy over the backup copies as is. I understand your suggestion to keep all PST files, but just restoring the backup seems less complicated to me. Do I need to bring the Archive.PST back over too? I have archived email into the file since my backup, so I'm guessing that might confuse Outlook to find duplicate messages. What do you think? Do I need to restore Archive.PST?

3. I will load Outlook and pray that things are normal. I don’t guess I damaged the software in some fashion

4. Then I’ll copy the emails in my Explorer folder back into Outlook and add back my lost events if my iPhone sync doesn’t do that for me.

What do you think of my plan?

Thanks again so much!!

1. You earlier said "All my events are visible if I chose to display the listing of “All Appointments”"... so if the new events are there you can drag them to a folder too.

If you don't have meetings on the calendar or a lot of recurring events, you could export to CSV, delete everything from the calendar (use the All appt. view to select all) and see if resetting the view works with it empty. If you have meetings, exporting breaks the ability to update them, either as the organizer or when the invitee. Recurring events are split into individual events.

How are you syncing the phone? This may or may not be part of the problem/solution but I vaguely remember a problem with iphones from maybe 2 years ago where there were issues with the view. I'll have to look for my notes and check the specifics - i thought it was fixed.

The events will probably duplicate, but maybe not since you are opening the old pst directly. (If they are in the calendar, you can delete it an make a new one to clear it quickly.)

You plan is fine - there are several ways to do it - your plan is one, mine another and if i think long enough, I'd come up with a few more ways to get the same end result. I don't think you need to swap out the archive pst, only the pst that has the bad calendar in it.
Thanks Mrs. P. My phone syncs thru the iCloud. It's automatic.

Keep thinking! I'll be back in a few hours and do the restore unless you have another idea.

What events will duplicate? I'm not sure what you mean.

Thanks again.
Were you adding the appointment to the iCloud calendar or the one in the pst file?
I was adding to the one in Outlook, to the PST file.

Mrs. P, I restored the backup and my email ends Wednesday night as expected in the new Outlook display of my email. But, my calendar is still empty!!! How can that be? I restored the back up! Could the problem be in one of the "empty" pst files??? What do I do now?[DOUBLEPOST=1411320088][/DOUBLEPOST]Are there other Outlook files besides PST? Should I restore my two Archive PST files?
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