Series of calendar events? Or Tasks?

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Good afternoon... I'm the new guy.

I am hoping to arrange series of events in Outlook. For example, if I want to schedule a party in the second week of June, I need to book a caterer in the first week of May, send invitations the second week of May, and send thank-you notes to guests in the third week of June. Obviously, if this wrere a more complex event likew a wedding,there could be a lot of sequential but independent events.

I'd like to set things up so that if I set the "Party" event, Outlook automatically drops all of those other events into appropriate days in the Calendar. They could appear as appointments or as tasks- doesn't matter much.

1- any idea what this is even called?

2- Can Outlook do this?

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook can't do it on its own but you can either do it in Excel and import or use VBA if you need to do this regularly.

For a now-and-again thing, create the first (or last) item - they are really tasks but since i tend to forget tasks, I'd use appointments.

Create the first item and save. Copy it (Ctrl+C, V) then open it and change the date - if you are going forward from today, you can use things like 3w or 2d in the date field. If you are going backwards, try typing 3 weeks before in the date field - you need to use before to subtract and have to spell the words out - 2 days before .

BTW - appointments should count from the date in the start ate field. Tasks can be goofy and sometimes start from today.
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