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forgive me if this is a duplicate question.

I have several people that share a calendar. I was asked the other day if a Private appointment could be shared between two individuals on the shared calendar?

Ex - Users A, B, C and D have publishing/author. The others have the viewer permission.

I am trying to find out if there is a way to place a "Private Calendar Event" on a shared calendar that only two people can view out of the 6-8 that have permissions to the calendar. The two people that want to share the Private appointment have publishing/author.

Thank you for you help!

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Delegate permissions can be set to allow others to see the private appt, but you can't set it per appt - ie, user1 and 2 can see appt1 that is marked private and user1 and 3 see event1 which is also marked private.

Thanks for the reply. It seems the option you gave me doesn't work or I am doing something wrong. When User1 and User2 are attempting to view the private appointment/event only the owner can see the contents. Does giving delegate permissions as well as calendar permissions conflict? User1 is owner of the calendar. User2 is a delegate with Author permissions and has calendar permissions with Author permissions.


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Typically, the highest permission level wins but its possible direct permissions override delegate. Delegate permission is the only way to see private items though.
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