[SOLVED] Live Contacts Not Syncing with Outlook

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Problem: I cannot get my Windows Live Contacts to sync with Outlook.


  • I am using Outlook 2010 x32 on Win7x64
  • When I first first created my Outlook profile, I used my Hotmail account; it is my default e-mail & default data file
  • Connector is installed
  • Live Calendar syncs just fine with Outlook
  • I've read elsewhere that the "Contacts" folder should be a subfolder within my defaults folder - there isn't one for me (??)
Okay, I feel like I've soured the whole Earth and Internet for a solution, but obviously not or it'd be fixed! Please help me!
The Hotmail/live account's contacts should be in the Hotmail/Live account folder set.

Go to the Folder list - Ctrl+6 will get you there - do you see the contacts folder?

The list should like somthing like this: http://slipstick.me/jing/olc-folders.png
You're right; after pressing CTRL+6, all the folders are listed (I have no idea why they weren't all listed before..?)

However, unfortunately, the contacts themselves are still unsynced: I have 223 Contacts in Hotmail, but only 209 in Outlook. Any idea why?

Perhaps the contacts are only synced once a day or something? Is there a way to force sync them?

Thanks so much for your attention, Diane!
The missing ones might be corrupt - press Ctrl+F9 to force a sync of the folder. Also check the Sync issues folder - it might tell you why some aren't syncing.

If you can identify which ones are missing and look at them online, you might be able to figure out why they aren't synced.
Again Diane, thanks for your attention here.

Shift+F9 either didn't make a difference or didn't work - not sure how to check.

Can't seem to find anything about any of the contacts to cause them not to sync.

Here are some notifications from the sync log:

This morning:

8:44:41 Error with Send/Receive.

8:44:41 There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 8de0000b.


> ...

8:44:41 Error with Send/Receive.

8:44:41 There was an error synchronizing a contacts folder. Error : 80041004.

Then later this evening:

19:49:14 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Contacts'

19:50:13 204 item(s) updated in online folder

19:50:18 205 item(s) updated in offline folder

Does any of that tell you anything at all?
Well, it turns out the solution was somewhat simple, even if I don't understand the why.

In Hotmail I showed 223 contacts; however, when I exports a .CSV, there were 208 entries - as there were in Outlook!

This meant that the problem must be within my Live contacts.

I have Live connected to MySpace and Facebook; apparently some of the Facebook entries were included in my Live contacts, but weren't actually MY contacts.... Odd.

So I simply clicked each contact, edited, and (re?)saved -- poof! Outlook synced almost immediately!

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction, Diane, as well as providing some very helpful keyboard shortcuts!;)

I have finally managed to create a fully-synced network of all of my contacts: Live, Outlook, Yahoo!, Gmail, and Blackberry. :)
Thanks for sharing, it may help someone else in the future.

I knew Hotmail includes contacts from other networks if you link them but never considered that was your problem.

As an interesting side note, even when resaving the contacts so that now sync to Outlook, OTHER programs still have a problem with those contacts. The reason seems to be that the contacts are saved with only NAMES. Previously, when I'd import a contact from Facebook (or MySpace), they would automatically be imported with the users' email addresses. Obviously, as a security concern, it looks like that was changed at some point; so now, all that you really import is a name. And, from within Hotmail, a link to their social network page with pic.

For others who run into this problem, if you want those contacts to properly sync with your others, it seems that you need to edit them to include an email address or a phone number.
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