Has Outlook Connector just lost all my folders?!

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Hey all!

I've used Outlook for a few years and have set up a bunch of personal folders for things such as online receipts for the past few years. I now use Outlook Connector (so I can sync my HTC phone) and have just tried moving each of those folders into my "@hotmail.com" folder, which is now the default.

My logic being that by doing so, each of these folders will now be backed up online in my Hotmail account too.

However, a pop up message appeared, stating that there was some kind of sync issue and would I like to try to repair this? I clicked ok and long story short, the folders are now no longer in their original folder locations or in the locations that I had moved them to. My inbox is also now filled with old emails that I've already replied to and subsequently deleted and some of my draft emails have returned to states that are not my most recent edits.

I think Outlook Connector had stopped working correctly a while back, as my Outlook inbox and Hotmail inbox were not syncronised, and it's now returned to some earlier state or something?

Is there a chance I'm going to get my folders back or is Outlook connector, essentially, a pile of crap?
Did you move the folders or copy them? Do you have a backup of that pst file? A backup is your best option for recovery.

If you choose to store these online, create the folder in outlook, verify it syncs up to hotmail then *copy* the items over a few at a time.

Find the hotmail ost - do you have one called @hotmail and one called @hotmail(1)? To open the folder where they are stored, paste %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook in the address bar of windows explorer to open to the location where they should be. (from http://www.outlook-tips.net/2011/1866/where-are-outlook-files )

If you have both, there is a good chance you can recover the messages - but you will need a recovery tool. (http://www.slipstick.com/problems/pst-repair/repair-a-damaged-personal-folders-pst-file/#tools)
Hey Diane! Thanks so much for your reply - I'm trying the recovery tool on the @hotmail and @hotmail(1) files now so will keep you posted!

Once restarting Outlook, "Help" explains that I need to go to "Recovered Personal Folders" and "Lost and Found folders" to complete the repair. I'm presuming this is the correct way forward but let me know if there's a different approach you'd suggest.

Thanks so much again for your help in the meantime...
That is the correct method - anything outlook can't determine where it belongs, it will put in the lost and found folder.
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