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I'm using Outlook 2010. While using Instant Search, I can click on the "More" button to narrow my search. I can also select from my custom fields in my custom form in the "More" drop down.

If, however, I want to search lets say just on "LastName", that field in "More" is not an option. I need to go to the search field and type in "LastName: <value>"

QUESTION #1 - Is there a way to add other fields to search on?

QUESTION #2 - Also, I had upgraded from Outlook 2003. In the "Find" command I was abole to search on multiple items such as "Johnson, Smith, Jones" and the comma act as the OR condition. Is this possible in 2010 using instant search?

Thank you.

#2 - Use OR (all caps) as the separator. Use AND to match two words. (It's stupid that comma doesn't work for OR.) In contacts, the search looks like

contactlastname:(jones OR smith)

#1 - only by selecting the form in the other form dialog. Which folder are you searching in? Last name is an option here in contacts.
Thanks for the use of "OR" and "AND". I will give it a try. I'm assuming I can use multiple conditions in the field. Correct?

I am searching in the Contacts folder. I only see Common Properties and my custom fields for my form. See picture.

I can type in fields such as "firstname: <value>", "company: <value>" and it works. I just thought these fields would be in the "More" drop down.

multiple conditions as in "firstname (mary OR joe) lastname: (smith OR jones)"? Yes.

This is what i have (or as much as can be shown onscreen) - first and last name fields in the common properties group are circled (blocked<g>) in red.

I tried to add the attachment via Manage Attachments or insert image, however I cannot get it to add the image or attachment. Is there something I need to do to get the image added?
Thanks. It seems to be working now. Picture attached. Any idea why I'm not seeing the other fields to search on?

it should work better now- the limit is around 300 kb. (For whatever reason, it was set at about 20 KB before)
that looks like the list from a mail folder, not contacts. Are you using a custom form as the default in the folder?
Yes, I am using a custom form that I have saved in my Personal Folders and publish as required.

I tried creating a new folder that uses the default contact form and same results.

I tried the switches, no luck. Still no listing of correct fields.

I changed the message class back to IPM.Contact using Doc Message Class Changer, and still no luck.

I then created a new PST file and still no luck so don't think it is related to the PST file.

I updated the ribbon using the More command (same one as used in the Search ribbon but a different ribbon) - no luck.

I turned off Search, turned it back on, rebuilt - no luck.

I have Outlook on two computers and same results on both.

Any other suggestions?



I uninstalled and reinstalled not knowing I would need to reactivate. - No luck. On a side issue, is there a way to get the key back?

I rebuilt the index - No luck.

I rebuilt the index removing all items, placed the search results in a new folder and rebuilt. I added back in Microsoft Outlook and other folders that were previously checked and rebuilt - No luck. Went back to the default folder - No luck.

I'm assuming there is no need to select the folder with my PST file since its already being indexed as a separate option in the dialog. Correct?

I started outlook using all these switches - No luck. I was more or less guessing and hoping.







Any registry settings?

I have Office installed on two computers and both show the same behavior so it has to be something unique to something I did. I can wipe and start over, however, I just spent the last three weeks getting both of these computers up and running and I already wasted one key with an uninstall / reinstall.

I greatly appreciate all the help people have provided. Thank you.

I wouldn't wipe it - i'll see what i can find out.
Oh, one thing we haven't tried - reset the ribbon. Right click on the ribbon, choose Customize ribbon then Reset it in the lower right corner.

Search works if you type in the field names, correct? It's just that they can't be selected.

Thanks. But no luck. Resetting the ribbon did not help. I went ahead and re-imported my custom ribbons back in.

Yes, I can type in for example "lastname: smith" and it only searches on the lastname field.

I did notice for example some times not all items are hightlighted (which may be a different issue). For example, I entered lastname: "diaz" OR "Myers" and it highlighed "Diaz" but did not highlight "Myers". It also found another contact that did not match. This could be the indexing may not be done and will verify once the indexing is completed again.

Are you using BCM? Disable it and it might work as expected. :)

I checked with support - they say it looks likes it by design as Outlook added an API for third party’s to add search functionality (like BCM to search their custom fields). The workaround mentioned in the bug is to put the field name and then the value in the Instant Search pane. For example the search input would look something like this [Sibling]:siblingname.

no idea if this will ever be addressed - they tell me it comes up enough to condsider but its not a top issue.

Thanks for the help.

Sorry, but what is BCM. Assuming it's Business Contact Manager - correct? I don't have it installed. I am doing the work around (e.g., "lastname: <value>") so something else is affecting Outlook.

I did go to all the COM ADD-Ins and disabled (unchecked) all of them. Shut down Outlook and restarted. No luck.

Did they provide any other suggestions?

OK. I went through one by one and uninstalled (not just disabled) all the following COM Add-Ins. Each time, I restarted Outlook.

Adobe Contribute Plugin

ITunes Outlook Addin

Microsoft Exchange Add-in

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector

Microsoft SharePoint Server Colleague Import Add-in

Microsoft VBA for Outlook Add-in

MobileMe Outlook Add-in

OneNote Notes about Outlook Items

Outlook Change Notifier


Redemption Helper Outlook Extension

Windows Search Email Indexer
Still no luck.

Whats weird is the same issue is on both of my computers. I have the exactly same software on both computers (where I can) so something has to be affecting it.

Any other ideas?

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