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How can I create a rule that sends (not forwards) an email to a specific recipient if I receive an email from some other sender. I.E. Person 1 sends me an email, now I would like to send person 2 an email - actually a notification with the same message each time I receive an email from Person 1. Thanks for any help.

Cathy Rhone

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I think you'll need to create a script to use with Rules. Unless you are out of office, then you can do something like you want.


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Can you walk me through how to create a script?


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Re: Rules Wizard 'run a script'

For some reason, VBA just confuses me.

I found a VBA script that I modified for my XP machine, that is triggered by a new file being created in a monitored folder. That VBA script is:

Set objEmail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")

objEmail.From = ""

objEmail.To = ""

objEmail.Subject = "New Fax Arrived"

objEmail.Textbody = "New Fax has just arrived."


That notifies me with a short e-mail when a new fax has been saved as a file in a particular folder.

I wanted to use this same concept for when an eFax arrives via e-mail. In the Rules Wizard, I recognize the e-mail 'with specific words in the subject', then, using 'run a script', I wanted to get a short e-mail message on my phone. I can't seem to get Outlook 2010 to 1) put the script's title where I can find it, and 2) understand how to incorporate that with the 'Item As Outlook.MailItem' or 'Item As Outlook.MeetingItem' so it will run.

Is someone who sees this as a simple issue help me get this to work?

A sincere thank you.

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