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My client is running Outlook 2007 SP3. We recently made the registry change to allow Archiving to use the Received date instead of the Modified date (ArchiveIgnoreLastModifiedTime).
After the registry change, his Inbox count went down from 15,000 messages to 8,000 - a good start.
Then he noticed that Flagged messages were not Archiving. But even after marking them as Complete or clearing the Flag, the messages still won't Archive - using a manual Archive on the folder.
The only suggested fix I've seen is that the Outlook Profile might be corrupt. Creating a new Profile with 3 different mail accounts and linking them back to three .pst files would be cumbersome though. So far, I haven't found any discussions in Outlook communities where someone has confirmed that creating a new Profile fixed the problem.

Any ideas?

Did you check for the do not archive tag? Or use the option to include items marked do not archive... or manual archive is not using the received date.

Thanks Diane

I believe manual Archive is working on the Received date with messages that were not previously flagged - but I'll double check.

Do Not AutoArchive is not checked in Properties on these messages, but I'll try checking the box in Archive settings to include those anyway.

But I won't be able to try this until Sat. morning.

btw - do you happen to know if Do Not AutoArchive would be ignored when a Manual Archive is done?
OP says:

I did nothing special, but the problem seems to have cleared up; everything is Archiving ok now. (Did not have to recreate Profile)

Thanks - Sam
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