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Good Day,

I used some Unistaller software today to remove Anti-Virus software from my laptop - which I assume did this by removing files from my Registry. The uninstallation was successful, but when I tried to login to Outlook afterwards, I received 2 x pop-up error messages saying "The file C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Personal Folders(1).pst cannot be found."

I clicked on the OK button in response to these messages, whereafter a pop up screen appeared (named "Create/Open Personal Folders File") indicating the presence of a .pst folder in the following location: Desktop\Name\Documents. I had a couple of hundred sub-folders in my Outlook Personal Folder and this file is only 257Mb in size, so it seems too small to be the right file, but possibly it is.

The other strange thing is that when I went online after this error occurred, 1800+ e-mails of roughly 257Mb in total, read into my Outlook Inbox. Could anyone possibly give me some advice on whether this could possibly be the correct .pst file and if so, how to restore it to its correct location, so Outlook can find the correct path to it. I desperately need to recover my Personal Folder sub-folders and contents.

Thank you.
C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ is the default location for Outlook 2007 pst files. 257 MB isn't empty - but its not a whole of messages either. Are the messages (contacts, calendar too) what you should have in it?

Open windows explorer and paste the following in the address bar then press Enter


Do you see any pst files there?

If you leave mail on the server, Outlook will redownload it when you use a new pst with the account.
Thanks for reply, Diane. I typed %localappdata%\Microsoft\outlook and was taken to the C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ default location.

I had previously (when trying to fix this problem yesterday) made a copy of the .pst file currently located at Desktop\Name\Documents at pasted it to that location, so currently contents of this location ar the following 3 files (extended.dat / Outlook .pst file / Outlook.sharing.xml.obi).

The e-mails received are most probably from the storage location on my server, as you have said -these don't contain any contacts, calendar info, etc. It seems likely that I won't be able to make a full recovery to where my Outlook was yesterday - sent items, personal folders, etc, but I do have an Outlook back-up from a couple of months back. Would you possibly be able to give me some advice on how to do an Outlook restore that I can intergate with the 1800+ e-mails that read in yesterday. Will I lose all of these, if I perfom an Outlook restore? Thanks for all your asistance.

I look forward to your reply.
The only thing you need is pst - extend.dat is just a list of addins and Outlook will rebuild it if you delete it. OBI is RSS feeds shared with IE.

If you pasted the file in My Documents into the local app data file and replaced the pst you had there, you basically deleted the old pst that probably had your calendar and contacts. It's hard to say why the pst was in My Docs - typically backups are called backup. The "Personal Folders(1).pst" is the file outlook was using before - the AV uninstall should not have deleted it though - even if it messed up the profile when it cleaned up the registry.

As long as you have a copy of the pst and open it using File, Open, Outlook Data File, you won't lose anything.

BTW, have you looked in the Windows trash bin for Personal Folders(1).pst ? If you find it, and the one in the outlook folder is called that, drag it out and put it somewhere where the current file won't be replaced.
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