Outlook contacts no in address book - 2002 pst file convert to 2007 pst file?

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I have used Outlook for more than a decade. Over time, I have added hundreds of contacts to Outlook starting while running Windows XP. I upgraded to Office 2003 a few years ago on a computer running Windows XP and transferred the outlook pst files to Office 2003. A couple years ago, I upgraded Office and Outlook to the 2007 version. Consequently, my pst file is a Personal File Folder (97-2002) version.
A week ago, I bought a new computer with Windows 7. I loaded Office 2007 to the new computer and then used the personal data transfer wizard to move the pst file and other info to the new computer. All seemed to work well, except …..
When I am operating Outlook and go to use the address book to get email addresses, the Outlook Contacts is not recognized by the system. It shows up as the address book default go-to file, but Outlook will not let me take any action such as deleting or adding it (it is greyed out). I have reviewed all the chat room / Office advice comments about this known issue and have tried the things that people suggested, by still no success. I am surprised and disappointed that Microsoft has not created a program that converts the 97-2002 pst file to a 2003-07 pst file format to alleviate this problem that many people are having.
Or, is there any workarounds that Microsoft can recommend to convert the Contacts portion of the Outlook pst file from the old version to the new version through an export - import routine?
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