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Hi all,

i wanted to create a macro that compares the folder contents of a windows directory to the attachement file name of some selected e-mails ( of all at once ).

The attachements were saved to a windows folder using another script, replacing the attachment in the mail for a link to the saved file.

The goal of the macro I want is to delete attachements in the directory when the e-mail it used to be in was deleted... ( so that no excess attachements remain in the folder, wich don't have a mail anymore ).

I want to be able to choose the windows directory.

Can anyone help me with this?

I tried searching the net, but couldn't find such a code....

Thanks in advance
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FileDialog will let you select a Windows directory/folder. FileSystem will let loop through all files in the folder. Scripting.FileSystem will let modify/delete the files - requires a reference to Microsoft Runtime Library.

The main procedure will have to copy the body of each email into a temp file and search for the link. Here's a sample which assumes all the emails are in a single Outlook Folder and have a single hyperlink which is the full path\name of the file. also the mails are small enough to search in one go rather than line by line search.

Sub Main()

Dim myNameSpace As Outlook.NameSpace

Dim myOLFolder As Folder

Dim myMailItem As mailItem

Dim strFolder, strFile, tempFile, strTempFile As String

Dim fso As New FileSystemObject

Dim fsoFile As Object

Set myNameSpace = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")

Set myOLFolder = myNameSpace.PickFolder 'Pick Outlook Folder

tempFile = "C:\Temp\log.txt" 'Change to any convenient temp folder

strFolder = Select_Folder 'Select the Windows folder

strFile = Dir(strFolder & "\*") 'Loop through all files in the Windows folder

Do While Len(strFile) > 0

For Each myMailItem In myOLFolder 'Loop through emails in Outlook folder

'Save the email into a text file, and copy the text into a string

myMailItem.SaveAs tempFile

Set fsoFile = fso_OpenTextFile(tempFile, ForReading, True)

strTempFile = fsoFile.ReadAll

'search for the link, if found move to the next file

If InStrRev(strTempFile, strFile) = True Then GoTo Next_File


'If none of the emails found a match delete the file

fso.DeleteFile strFile


strFile = Dir


End Sub

Function Select_Folder() As String

With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)

> AllowMultiSelect = False

> Title = "Select Data Folder"

> ButtonName = "Select"

> Show

On Error Resume Next

Select_Folder = .SelectedItems(1)

End With

End Function

Note that looping through all files in a folder and all mails in a Outlook folder and then performing string searches is bound to be inefficient.

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