Some emails not showing up in Outlook 2010

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We are using Outlook 2010 with O365 hosted exchange.
There's a user that manually archives incoming email to a local archive folder (despite my suggestion not to do so).

Today she found that emails from a specific dates interval (approx. from end of january to beginning of march 2014) were not appearing in said achive (nor in its subfolders). These "missing" emails can be found and opened when using the search box but will not be listed in folder view.
There is no filter set in folder view.

More puzzling yet, if I move one of these emails (from the search result window) to the inbox and then move it back to the folder archive, I am finally able to see it.

I already tried to open outlook with the /cleanviews and /safe switch. No change.

Any suggestion?

Diane Poremsky

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You may need to use scanpst on the archive. The usual cause is a filter but cleanviews would remove it.

Do your accounts have a 50 GB mailbox quota? Tell her to use a folder within the mailbox instead, so its backed up. Or you could set a group policy that blocks pst files so she has to use the mailbox.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately scanpst did not solve the problem.

Following your other suggestion, I have moved the local archive to the mailbox, and now the missing emails can be seen through OWA. They're still not showing un in outlook, though.
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