Image in original e-mail is hyperlinked when a reply with the image is hyerplinked

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First of all I'm not sure if this is an Outlook or Exchange question. I am running Outlook 2010 in an Exchange 2010 environment, and am noticing something I haven't seen before.

To explain the issue/scenario using fake names:

Bob e-mailed me a picture in Outlook (pasted inside the message body).
The picture was not hyperlinked to a URL. It was just a copy/paste of an image.

I replied and provided Bob a hyperlink to embed into the image (you know, the Ctrl+K or Insert Hyperlink method). And he replied back with the image inserted again, this time with the image hyperlink'd.

Then I went back to the original e-mail Bob had sent me, and THAT image was now hyperlinked. Originally it was not. I'm not scrolling down in the thread/conversation, I'm opening the original e-mail he sent me, and somehow that image is now hyperlinked.

Is Exchange doing this? Or Outlook?

Is it updating based on the reply or does the sender have a way of changing the original message they sent as it shows up in my Inbox?
It's not getting updated by the sender and Outlook/Exchange did not edit it. It was either that way before and you missed it, or you put the message into Edit mode and did something to fix it.
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