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Jennifer Murphy

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I get a lot of email from various organizations. Some of them apparently use some sort or email service so that the messages do not come from the organization's domain. Here's one example from the city where I live. The emails have one of these two strings in the From: field:

City of Santo Diablo []
City of Santo Diablo []​

I tried putting "City of Santo Diablo" in each of (a) with specific words in the sender's address and (b) with specific words in the header. If I put just "Diablo" it works, but I am afraid it will catch other emails that are not from the city.

Is there a way to make it work?

I know I could check for either "" or "", but I'd rather not do that. They may service emails from other agencies.

There ought to be a way to check for an exact string that contains blanks.
it's odd that City of Santo Diablo doesn't work in a words in the header rule - it likely won't work in the from sender rule because that rule should use the email address.

I'm assuming its in the header as From:" City of Santo Diablo" < email@address > ? if so, using City of Santo Diablo with or without quotes in a words in the header rule should work. I'll try and test the rule format with some of my messages.
Yes, the text in the From: string is exactly as I posted, complete with the brackets and no quotes.

From: City of Santo Diablo []
From: City of Santo Diablo []​

I tried the string as is and with both single and double quotes.
  • City of Santo Diablo
  • "City of Santo Diablo"
  • 'City of Santo Diablo'
  • City*of*Santo*Diablo
None of those work.

I'm using Office 2007.
it's in the header as one line? If it splits on two lines right before Diablo, that would account for the filter problems.
Well, that depends on how wide the viewing window is. If I squish it down to under about 3 inches, then the From: line will split onto 2+ lines, but in my normal width, it's all on one line.
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