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I'm at a loss and need another set of eyes.

I have quite a few users reporting that, beginning around 2 mths ago, their OAB just goes blank or near blank.

I found a thread that is extremely similar:

however, in using the technet solution this didn't solve the issue. The full issue: users randomly will go to their OAB to find a person and the address book is empty of all names but has some DL's. In addition upon searching for a user the OAB has funky symbols listed. Having the user manually download the Offline Address Book works but something isn't right as this shouldn't be doing this.

By default Cached Exchange Mode is turned on and checked - the user can not uncheck the option. We've deleted the OST files in addition to the Outlook profile to no luck.

There is not anything in the MSExchQueryBaseDN attribute as it is set as <not set>. I've cleared the setting having it still show <not set> to no avil.

This occurs with Outlook 07 and 10 running on Exchange 2007. However, we are a mixed shop of Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 in a clustered environment with multiple domains. All affected users thus far have been on one domain and Exchange 2007. Client OS is Win7 Pro.

Any ideas or help?
From the sounds of it, it's a problem with the offline address book files, not the ost or cached mode.

If the solutions there didn't fix it, I'd recommend opening a support case.
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