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I had lately received from my clients and friends a complain that their messages sent to me via AT&T did not reach the destination to me.
Just today I noted that in the splash screen of my Outlook 2010, that for some time it shows a link, which I assumed to where all my AT&T messages have been deviated.
The link is basically referring to “google ads / double click”.
It was impossible to get a pic of it as it shows very briefly but enough to get read.
I am now pretty sure that all my messages are hacked and deviated to those people and much worse, blocked to me.
This is an illegal procedure, avoiding me to receive messages via AT&T but as well harm me very much as all matters of my interest are forwarding to those people, without my knowledge.
Please urgent advise how I can stop this procedure.

Can you assist me also in this matter ?

Waiting your guidance

Solon Seixas / sdruws@attglobal.net
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