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outlook 2016 name change


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How can I change the name of my out going email. My name changed after the Microsoft server change and my name on my emails has changed to a name that is not valid. It is correct when accessing Outlook.com via IE but when using outlook 2016 the name has changed. I deleted the outlook 2016 and re entered but my name was changed from alias@outlook.com to alias@outlook_6A1C9BDE66559223@outlook.com. I need to change the name back to the real one.
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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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It really changed to alias@outlook_6A1C9BDE66559223@outlook.com ? The outlook_ugly@ address (outlook_6A1C9BDE66559223@outlook.com) is a side effect of Outlook.com on Exchange when you have a non-outlook.com address as the default alias on the account or as the default reply address - the "outlook_ugly" address shows in the folder list and on outgoing email. Add an Alias to an Outlook.com Account - Outlook Tips

I haven't seen it showing both an outlook.com alias and the outlook_ugly address merged - I'd try restarting outlook and see if it fixes it.

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