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Jacob Vaid

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Hi Guys,

I am under a lot of pressure to build a custom approval form. Therefore, I am in need of some urgent help here ! I would be very grateful if someone could really help me out !!

What I have done thus far

1) Design a product form in outlook with 5 fields - ( Name of the product, Product Code, Date of release and Product Type) - I did this by customizing the Message template within the organization library.

2) Build an Approval matrix based on the product type combo box. Once the preparer clicks on the submit button, the following rules must apply.
a) If its Product A, the outlook form must be routed to the Product Manager first. After his approval, it must be head to the Marketing department for final approval
b) If its Product B, it must directly go to the Marketing department for final approval.
c) After final approval, a PDF copy of the form should be posted in a SharePoint document library.

I am not sure how we can code a custom action event handler to the submit button, which is present within the modified page ("P.2").

Awaiting help !

Not open for further replies.