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I've been using Outlook since the 90's and I've never seen this 'functionality'. I think I must have moved my mouse over something and inadvertently opened this 'item' up. I've attached a screenshot of it. I've Googled and searched throughout Outlook itself and can't find how I came across it in the first place and can't find anything written up about it. Not sure what it is. FYI - I am using this as a solo user. I'm pretty sure I unchecked all sharing options such as Sharepoint and Exchange. I am using this alone. I have it loaded on two PCs but one is only an old XP I keep as a backup in case I have any trouble with the new one (Windows 10) in the middle of doing something crucial.

I say this cause I'm 'assuming' that this has something to do with having discussions with other people. Just a guess.
And again, I searched the main body of Outlook and wouldn't know how to recreate this.

Also, I don't use Business Contact Manager on this either and don't think I 'added' it or opened it or however that 'thing' gets done.

So would love to find out what this is, what it's for and how to get it 'on purpose'.

Screenshot (18).png
Oh goodness. After looking what I thought was "everywhere' at least I found how to 'find' this.
If an email is highlighted, on Toolbar I go to
Home tab
Left most group New
Drop down arrow on New Items
Last choice, black arrow to right of More
Choose "Post to folder"

OK, so now I can make it appear.
Still don't know what it is and can't find anything via Google to explain it.
Correct - that is a post form. Its basically an unsendable message form - its not used much recently (although I have a few clients who love it for diary-type notes). It was used extensively in the past with Exchange public folders, to create internal forums - a Facebook feed before there was a Facebook. :) Pretty much everything available on the internet refers to using it with public folders, but its not limited to public folders.

It works pretty much like a message - you can add attachments etc. Just cant send it as a message.

This is the only thing I have posted on it, that I can find - I'm pretty sure I've covered it in relation to public folders too.
Tip 109: Diary Custom Form - Outlook Tips
Thisi s what the form looks like that I mention in the link - I'll save it out as a template but it will need some tweaking to work with the current version of outlook.

[edited to use a better picture of the form. buttons for happy use code and recent security changes in outlook block it by default.]
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