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I receive email from 6 different emails accounts. In the display I can see the name of the account. but can not find how to recognize it in VBA as a property of the mail item. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
If the property is empty, the email was received on the default account. If you don't receive an email on a second account but forward it from another address to the default account, then you won't see that information in the mentioned property.
I thank you gain for your help, but that does not appear to match my tests. I have 3 Accounts. at least 98% of all my mail is sent directly to one of these accounts. They come in to 3 different PSTs, but after receipt I move them around to either a 4th "temp" pst or to my main pst. In the outlook explorer window I can add a column "E-mail Account" and it shows the name of the account the item was originally received by. If I hit reply the sending account is the always the account through which the item was originally received. As noted, I am sure that very few of these were received through any forwarding process. I have tested the script on a large number of items -- in each of the psts, and from each of the accounts. "Msgbox mail.sender" always verifies that I am seeing the correct item, but "MsgBox Mail.Fields(PR_NEXT_SENDING_ACCOUNT)(PR_NEXT_SENDING_ACCOUNT)" continues to show blank.
You're right, the value for the property is &HE29001F instead of &H808E001E.
Thanks - that works very well. The value given includes the return email address as well as the account name.
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