Read Outlook Mail Item From Value

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I want to be able to read an Outlook Inbox mail message 'From' value to

enable me to automatically move the Inbox mail item into a corresponding

folder in the 'Personal Folder' folder. Also, if the corresponding folder

does not exist, create a folder using the senders name.

I have the following script that iterates through the items in the 'Inbox',

but I am unable to identify the senders name from the mail items as used in

the script. Does anyone have a method which I can use to proceed with this.

Private Sub Application_NewMail()

Dim InputFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder

Set InputFolder = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder


Dim intCount As Integer

For intCount = 1 To InputFolder.Items.Count

'If InputFolder.Items(intCount).UnRead = True Then 'Read out the

unread mail in Inbox.

If InputFolder.Items(intCount).UnRead = True Then

MsgBox InputFolder.Items(intCount).Subject

MsgBox InputFolder.Items(intCount).Body

End If

Next intCount

End Sub

e.g. I have tried to reference the senders name using 'InputFolder.Items

(intCount).From', but the system does not recognise this. Also, for some

Inbox items the Debug displays that the 'InputFolder.Items(intCount)' object

does not contain any variables.

I look forward to receiving any suggestions.

The object browser (F2 in VBA) is your friend. If you used it, you'd soon
see that the MailItem object has no From property, but does have a
SenderName property.

This would be a better For ... Next loop to gather information about items
in a folder:

For Each itm in InputFolder.Items

' do stuff with the itm

If itm.UnRead = True Then


End If

However, if you plan to move or delete items, then you need to use a
down-counting loop.
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