Filter which removes Display Names from incoming emails.

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I am looking for a means whereby the sender's Display Name can be stripped from any incoming email, prior to further processing by Outlook.

This facility achieves the desired result, but cannot be used with my own Outlook 2007/Gmail.IMAP set-up:

Does anyone know an alternative method, please?

The purpose is to confine Outlook to using a sender's raw email address only, for all display purposes. If the sender's Display Name, attached to an incoming mail, is removed completely, then Outlook will be forced to use and display only the sender's email address.

This thread applies, albeit tangentially:


Views welcome!

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William Lambton,

Thanks very much for that, Slipstick. I have been using the Neostorm .cfg for some time, and very useful it is. However, the equivalent .cfg cannot be written for recipients' addresses. So, to deal with that, I am now approaching the idea of a Display Name filter. This would obviously eliminate all freshly-arriving externally-generated Display Names from Outlook (but wouldn't affect those already in situ), which would not necessarily make the facility widely popular.

The stripping device would probably have to sit between Outlook and the server. The M86 Security device, which I linked to (above), does that. It calls for the emails and hands them on to, say, Outlook. However, such security devices are effectively their own, stand-alone email clients (as I understand it) and include many other features, which I personally don't need.

So, I am working on the premise that quite a small add-on only would be needed, attached to Outlook, through which any incoming mail item would pass, before Outlook proper set to work on it.

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