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Outlook is a great program, and beats any CRM I've ever seen. I use it for everything, from work to my own personal life. But I've noticed a few things that I constantly need to do that waste time and would make life much easier if I could possibly automate. So this thread is for optimizing Outlook/BCM and just making it better and more user friendly. I have some specific things I need help with but if anyone has good methods to optimize outlook then please post (Like that guy who posted how to make Outlook open up to BCM every time you boot it up. Thanks.)

1. How do I make the email folder lists automatically open up?

Simply, I have four email accounts. Inside those folders, there are three or four folders that I constantly want access too. However, every time I minimize Outlook and then open it back up the folder list has collapsed and the only thing open is "Personal Folder" which I have no use for. So, every time I ever open Outlook I have to click that little + sign next to each email account so I can see inside, and then hit the little - sign on the personal folder. It's a little annoying. Any way to change this?

2. Automatically backing up Outlook AND BCM?

BCM pokes at me every few days to backup, which requires me to click a few things then select where I want it to back up then hit ok. Outlook has never prompted me for a backup. I want to backup everything I possibly can into a folder I have listed under "Backups" and I'd prefer this to happen for both Outlook and BCM on a regular schedule without my consent. I just want it to back up easily. Any way to automate this?

That's all. When I have more time I'll post stuff I've found on how to make Outlook easier to use, like Synchronization. Actually, I'm going to try to use Dropbox to Sync Outlook and I think I might be able to get everything to sync up for free. It'l take me some time to figure it out and test though.


Outlook version
Outlook 2007
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How to get Outlook to start with Windows

How to backup Outlook's non-BCM files (Calendar/Contacts/Folders, uses an addon, still don't know how to automate this process)

On another note, I found out how to sync your BCM, and your calendar/contacts/folders free (Beats any free programs I've used before).

First, download Dropbox. To find out more about Dropbox visit my own review of it here and if you try this route please click my referral link (It gives us BOTH an increase of 250mb free space, and that's all it does). It's free, by the way. When you have it installed (make sure to use the desktop folder version, much more convenient than the html version) create a folder labeled Backup. Install dropbox on all devices you want to sync Outlook with.

Second, backup your files.
Back them up in this new folder. BCM has a backup tool already in it and you need to install the addon linked above to add in this feature to normal Outlook files. When you back them up to the dropbox folder they'll automatically sync and upload to Dropbox's server, which will host the files, so both of your devices do not need to be online at the same time.

Third, restore from backups. Do this on your other computer that you want backed up. This overwrites data, not combines it, so make sure to do it on the computer you want to sync before you do anything else. Both BCM and Outlook Backup have their own three click method to backup.

The benefit of using this system is that both computer don't have to be online at the same time, which is pretty convenient at times and great if your two machines are at different locations (Home and office etc) where other sync programs won't allow this. It's also free and doesn't require an annoying advertisement based program to run. You'll also introduce yourself to Dropbox which I use to sync almost all of my personal files between computers. The only con that I can think of is that it overwrites data instead of combining it, but this is easy to overcome as long as you sync before you do anything. Also it's not a one-click solution, and I'm no programmer so I don't know how to script it to make it one-click. I haven't tested this theory yet but I will in a few days.


Outlook version
Outlook 2007
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Office Accounting (Free, active download)

I found Office Accounting for those who don't want to spring for Quickbooks. It still syncs up with Outlook. Legit download (Express version)


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