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Is it possible to simply change the existing profile?? Even if I enter all of the settings manually and then "check name" Outlook always keeps popping up the box asking for a password and then cannot resolve the name. What I am trying to avoid is the laborious process of creating a new profile and then having to move several GB of data, contacts, appointments etc. over to the new profile. Surely there is a way to just change the existing profile so it works with the new hosting provider so I don;t have to migrate all of the mailbox data over?

OST files are tied to the account that created it. Even if you make the new account use the old account settings, it will refresh the ost file (or create a new one). You do not need to make a new profile - you can add the new account to the old profile. If you need anything ut of the old account and use Outlook 2007 or older, copy or export the ost to a pst file before removing the account. Outlook 2010 will allow you to have 2 exchange accounts.
I know that I can have more than one Exchange account using the same profile. Also I should really have used the term "account" in the previous post instead of "profile", since what I really want to do is change the account from one hosted Exchange provider to another. So just to clarify and make sure I am understanding you, is there no way to change hosting providers without having to copy and paste (or import) all of the data from the old account to the new account? What is the best way to migrate it?

One of the things that has driven me nuts is losing folder settings. For instance, when I did it on my personal account I have hundreds of folders that I have archived mail to by contact, and they are all set to show the total number of items, as opposed to the number of unread items. When I moved all of the folders over from my backup pst file to the new Exchange account, every single folder was set back to the Outlook default, which is number of unread items. I also lost all of my folder views. Bottom line, what is the best/easiest way to migrate all of the data from the old account to the new one? By copying folders? Importing?
No, you can't reuse the current ost with a new provider. It's tied to the account that created it and you risk losing the contents if you connect it to a new mailbox. Plus the folder permissions would be for the old server, not the new one (the GUID's change with the server).

Dragging the folders to the new account should preserve the folder counts and custom views. These (and more) are not included when you export/import.

Set up the new account then drag the folders from the old account to the new one - if you use nested folders, drag the top level folder to move all and preserve the folder configuration. (If you have a lot of mail it may take some time to copy all the mail over).

If you use Outlook 2010, you can move the folders from one account to the other - if you use outlook 2007 or older, you'll need to move the mail into a pst file since you can't have both in the profile.
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