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Hi people,

I'm looking for a way to check before sending if an email has the word "attached" and if there is an attachment make sure it's an .xls extension. I found some code which kind of does this but it's only looking at general attachments and counts the auto signature.

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So basically, you want to check for attachment keywords then check the attachments to see if any have xls extensions?
Correct. Should check for the key word in subject title and boby of text then check file extension is an excel format I guess either .xls or .xlsx

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I'm not sure you can merge the macros - i'll have to take a look at them in the morning. (plus i asked some outlook developers for assistance - hopefully they will have a code sample.)
Hi Slipstick,

I think this works for me. I've managed to work out my Auto signature has a .png and .jpg attachement so use the below to work out how many of these items I've got e.g 2 and deduct from the

If item.Attachments.Count > 0 Then
   For i = 1 To item.Attachments.Count
       If item.Attachments(i).FileName Like "*PNG*" Or item.Attachments(i).FileName Like "*JPG*" Then
               Cnt = Cnt + 1
       End If
   Next i

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