Distribution Group Owners Cannot Add/Delete Members

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Outlook.com (as MS Exchange)
We are an Office 365 school. Users use both Outlook and the Web for their mail, calendar, contacts, etc. As an admin, I create secure distribution groups which can send and receive e-mail, using Powershell commands to grant mailbox permissions and access. All this works well, but one thing stumps me. When I create a group account and make 2 or 3 people 'owners' of that account (in addition to me, who created it), those other people are NOT able to add or delete members in the group (within Outlook). Only me, as the admin, can do that. I can't believe this is normal behavior; other owners should be able to make changes to their groups. Are there other Powershell commands to be executed to allow this? What am I missing? Thanks in Advance!
Typically, editing DL's (in the GAL) never worked well in Outlook. Like you, I can edit them in Outlook but my account is an Admin for the Office 365 account. I'll see if i can repro with a test account.
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