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Looking for some help here from all the experts, I have setup my outlook with different colors and fonts using the "using colors" (tools, organize, using colors) function.
One day, I was not able to search and get all the results I should get, so I ran outlook.exe /cleanfinders and my search results was back to normal. And obviously all my colors were gone and I had to redo them...
But after re-doing them, they were gone all in a sudden, this happened about three times and I had to redo all of them from scratch.. real pain.... so after that, my colors stuck there for a while and one day I go into work and all the colors were back to how it was before I did cleanfinders!!!!

I would like some expert assistance if possible on below:
1. export and import the colors I specified; and/or
2. how to fix the problem to ensure this will never happen again..

I am using Outlook 07 on Windows 7.

Many thanks in advance!!!
/cleanfinders rebuilds the reminder cache, it doesn't reset the views, /cleanviews reset the views back to the default. A wild guess: the view was reset, either intentionally or because it was corrupt, or you customized a different view and the views were switched on you.

Colors can't be exported, but they are a part of your view. The default views in the older versions of Outlook can be a little wonky; I gave up customizing the default views and copied the default and then customized the copy. I couldn't accidentally reset the view this way and rarely lost a view. If you customize the default, make a copy of that view when you are finished, and if the view gets reset, start using the copy.
The only way to fix it is to copy the view after you customize it, then use the copy if the original view is reset or deleted. /cleanfinders isn't responsible for the loss of the views, /cleanviews would wipe out all custom views though.
Many Thanks Larry and Diane for your prompt reply.

I guess I did run cleanviews instead....

Both of you stated I should make copy of the original, as in just write it down somewhere, correct?

Thanks again.
No, ;) after you are happy with the view, go to manage views and select the view then click the copy button. If I recall correctly, You are using 2007, so it's on the view menu, under current views.

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Thank you sooooo much... so as long as I don't run cleanviews again, this view should be there to select from :)
Yes, as long as you don't use cleanviews or delete it, the view will stick around.
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