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I have a similar problem to one that does not appear to have been resolved. In all my Contacts in my Address Book, I have only put the person's name in the 'Display as' box and not their email address. Sometimes the autofill will add the email address but I always delete it.
Usually it works fine but in a number of cases the email address still appears in the 'To' in an email. Where this has happened, I have gone back and checked the person's entry in the Address Book and in every case it only shows their name as I want it to.
Is there an answer to this problem?
I'm using Outlook 2010 with Windows 7
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It sounds like its coming from autocomplete or the message - Outlook uses the name and address in the from field when it creates a reply, not from the address book. It can also pick up names from the autocomplete list and Suggested Contacts. There is not a good, foolproof solution, sorry.
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