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Wrote this up on LinkedIn - second time zone wrong again on jump forward day!

The show second time zone is a really useful feature but it seems the strip of hourly markers in the second time zone strip is based on the conversion of the first time zone at the start of the period shown.

But when we jump forward, magic has to happen at 1AM PST - it becomes 2AM PST, there is no 1:01, 1:02 but is shows right there in Office as an available calendar slot. That's probably OK and in fact if you try to enter a 1am to 2am appointment, Outlook helpfully converts it to a 1AM to 3AM appointment!

But is uses up a one hour time slot in the second time zone which is then shown incorrectly for the rest of the day!

See Daylight Savings: another (subtle) bug in Office! for full info plus screen shots


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I wrote about this display issue years ago - Dual Time Zone & DST Calendar Display Bug. It's not a bug because expecting Outlook to redraw the time scale is not reasonable. Note that affects the entire week when the week display starts on Sunday.
Its a bug, and you called it so :) There should be some warning or indication that the displayed time scale is WRONG.
That was for click bait :) (and I basically said that in my article) Back when i wrote it, using the word 'bug' got more attention... But calling it a bug takes away from the many real bugs that are in outlook.

It's a limitation of the dual time scale and can be avoided if you swap time zones or use work week view.

Its not fixable because redrawing the time scale for 2 days a year (or even just popping up a warning dialog for it), for a problem that appears under specific conditions affecting a small numbers of users is not cost-effective and would be difficult to implement.
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