Accessing Hotmail accounts with Outlook 2016

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I have two Hotmail accounts which I want to access using Outlook 2016. Account A (on works, account B (on doesn't. Account A didn't need any configuration - I just used the Auto Account Setup in Outlook, entered my name, e-mail address and password and away it went, sending and receiving just fine. Tried the same for account B: unlike account A’s setup, it asked for login credentials (although I’d already entered a password when configuring the account). After a minute or two it displayed the error “An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available.” I clicked Next, to try unencrypted, but that gave the error “We’re sorry, but we couldn’t set up your account automatically.”

I've tried various suggested manual configurations but none seem to work.

If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
Was the second account moved to the new server? If so, do you know if it was moved within the last 48 hours? It can take that log for all of the dns to update. once its updated, auto account setup should add it as a Microsoft Exchange account.
Thanks for your reply.

Both accounts have the new layout, so I assume that means they're both on the new server. I don't know when that happened, as I don't use them on a daily basis (but the non-working one is nonetheless important).

I doubt this is relevant, but I upgraded from Office 2013 to 2016 today as I thought that might solve the Outlook problem. Sadly, the only tangible effect of the upgrade has been to make the Mail applet crash every time I try to run it, which made deleting my profile a bit fiddly (but thanks for the guide on how to do that, found elsewhere on your impressive website). Oh well - I'll deal with that later.

It sounds like perhaps I should just wait a couple of days, in case I happen to have tried this at just the wrong time. Would you agree ?

It started working today. I followed exactly the same steps as before to set up the account, but no errors this time.
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