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Outlook 2016 and S/MIME

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by AME, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. AME


    New Member
    We have a strange issue with one of our outlook clients (outlook 2016).

    Emails are been sent to the user, they appear in the users iPhone Mail and on OWA but do not appear in the users outlook inbox.

    On OWA the email is shown but with an error "This message has a digital signature. The digital signature couldn't be validated because the S/MIME control isn't available."

    Why does Outlook 2016 client not show this email, if the email is forward to the users own email for OWA it appears in the outlook client.

    Any advice on this welcomed
  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    on the s/mime control, you need to install it in owa to open the message... but outlook should be downloading it. Can you find it if you search outlook for it?

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