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Just installed Outlook 2010 on a new laptop and populated theAddress Book via a synch from me Blackberry. I noticed that many (though not all) of the addresses display the first and last names in the wrong order in the Full Name field (i.e., Mr. John Smith displays as Mr. Smith John). When I open the Check Full Name dialog box, the names are displayed correctly. The File As name is also displayed correctly (I have opted to display last name first, so in this example it displays as " Smith, John" ).

This never happened with Outlook 2007 on my previous laptop. Is there a way to fix this? Manually tinkering with the fields doesn't work: if I edit the Full Name field, then open the Check Full Name dialog, it displays " John Smith" in the First Name field and the Last Name field is blank.

I'm at a loss. Can anyone give me some guidance?


Dave Marsh
You should never populate your Contacts via a sync unless you want them to end up this way. Sync operations will never populate derived fields correctly. I would start over with a new Outlook profile and migrate your data correctly.Russ Valentine
To eliminate some of the obvious variables in the equation - here are some very simple things to check/test

#1 - Are the default settings for FullName set to the format you desire - in O'2010 --> File --> Options --> Contacts

#2 - If you create a <new> contact and enter the name into the <individual> FullName fields (click on the FullName button) and NOT via the FullName field - does the contact get created correctly as per the default settings? If the default settings are correct as per your desired end result and the FullName field doesn't appear correctly - it's an Outlook issue which on a scale of 1 to 100 has a liklihood of being

a <-100>. Changing the default settings does not change any pre-existing contacts unless the Contact name is changed.

#3 - If a new contact is created correctly in step#2 - then the issue is related to either a) the BlackBerry software in use and/or b) how the FullName is stored on your BlackBerry. Either way, it is not an Outlook issue since Outlook plays no role in the sync process. That is completely governed by the sync software in use.

You may want to pose the question in the appropriate Blackberry support forum for your phone/software

BlackBerry Support Community Forums

If you need something to simply reset the format of the Name field for you contacts - the standardization functions of ContactGenie Toolkit may be of interest -
Sorry to visit such an old post ... same problem in Outlook 2013 ... All names are enterred into the correct fields in the contact file ... when looking at an open contact file some contacts display the Full Name correctly (last first, first last) ... and some do NOT ... it is not consistant through out all contacts ... is there a way to change the

Full Name Display" for an individual contact ... I have changed the global controls to no avail.

Could it matter where the oroginal data came from? ie: in a synch from another device, enterred directly to Outlook, accepted as a contact card received by email ???

Makin' me nuts ... no logic here at all

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