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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and I've been reading a lot of posts. Really interesting stuff and also good tips and tricks here too. I was wondering if someone or anyone could help me out on an issue that i'm having with outlook 2003. Actually, some users are having these issues. The issue is this, the user is using outlook 2003, and when they want to send a new email, the user clicks on 'new email' and then clicks on the address book. Outlook would just hang/freeze and doesn't do anything. The user is then forced to close outlook by closing the program in task manager. Another user is experience this issue as well. When the user clicks on the address book in outlook, outlook would hang/freeze. Then the user would close the program via task manager. Or, the user would click on 'To:', outlook would freeze as well.

I don't really know how to approach this issue, because it's happening to a few users. If it was happening to one user, then that's a different story. But, this issue is happening to some users. I tried the scanpst.exe, but that didnt really help. I didn't hear back from the user about the issue, but I know the issue will come back. So, if anyone can help me or shed some light on this, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for you help.
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