Viewing & Using custom forms/tasks in Outlook 2013


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I have the purchased version of Outlook 2013, not Office 365. We recently switched from a POP server to an exchange server and kept the same domain. I copied my .pst source file before the switch, deleted the POP account in Outlook and then configured the Exchange account. I imported my old .pst file into the new account. Here is my problem. In tasks I use a custom form. All of the data imported just fine, in the table view I can sort by the fields in the custom form I created and see the appropriate information in them. The problem is when I try to open one of the tasks to edit it, it opens on the outlook default task form, not on my custom form. I set the properties in the task folder to post as the custom form, so any new tasks I create are created on the custom form and fully functional. The problem is only with the imported data.

Any suggestions on how I can change the view, or what caused t

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