CPA/Microsoft 2007 - Overlaid Calendars: printing workweek only

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Hi there - how can we print only the work-week (completely hiding weekends) on overlaid calendars (Monthly View)?

We want the weekends hidden to allow the workweek full access to fill the page.

We also want the calendar to print on one page only (trying to save a tree or two). Thanks!

Diane Poremsky

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One page is do-able - you'll add the calendars to the list and each calendar is identified by difference colored dots.

You can edit the catx to show only M-F by using UnitFilter="mon..fri" in the code.

Find this line in the code - <standardgrid NumColumns="5" NumRows="1" Orientation="Fill"></standardgrid
and stick UnitFilter="mon..fri" after the style parameter.

I haven't figured out how to remove S&S on the row of day names yet.

See for basic instructions for editing the catx files.

Diane Poremsky

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Looks like my paste didn't work - anyway, these two lines are the ones you need to edit & add UnitFilter="mon..fri" to.

WeekHeader Orientation="Top" Height="0.3in" FontSize="10pt" Format="dddd" Style="LevelOneTitle"

StandardGrid Orientation="Fill" NumRows="1" NumColumns="7" Style="LevelTwoBody"

Also change numcolumns to 5.

The attachment is the edited content.xml for the Month_StandardMonthWithWeeks01 template.



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Do you have to go in with the code for this one? I could have sworn there were printing options that allow for a more basic user to simply click away to determine day restrictions.

Diane Poremsky

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There are 3 work week templates- in weeks.

In months i have one but its probably the one hacked for this thread. :)

Outlook's native calendar printing function can do a month with only M-F, if i recall correctly.

(Yes, you need to go into the code.)
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