PLEASE HELP: reconnect existing PST file to imap account

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Hello everyone

I guess this is not a very new topic, but after 7 hours of reading trough the web, and at 2am. this is kind of my last hope to get this sorted!

I'm having a 3.7 GByte pst file, which I've used with no problem in my Windows 7 professional and Outlook 2010 (32bit).

So then when I tried to set up a new account (POP3), I realized, that new emails sent and received would not be stored in the same PST file and I thought I need to just better configure.

Because I haven't been able to clone my Harddrive I've just made copies of my 2 existing PST files - which I still have (untouched).

and then just after 2 hours I find out, that it's not possible to have IMAP and POP3 in the same PST file... ok great, all for nothing...

Anyways, I'm having 11'000 files sorted in that PST file and I have created almost 100 rules to move the mails - especially Spam to (spam)-folders, as I wanted it to work...

> sometimes you're not 100% sure if it is spam... or it is not spam, but just not important currently, so I have moved thos mails automatically into folder, where I would easily find those mails later again.

NOW... after I did read in a forum, that I need to delete the Outlook Profile completely in order to allow me to have my PST back accepted...

...I don't manage to have the imap account deliver emails to my existing PST file!

--> Can you please tell me, what I need to do, in order to get my imap account deliver emails again to my existing PST file?

I can enter the PST file to the data files, no problem with that...

> ..BUT:

when I then the imap account always creates a copy of that PST file and delivers the mails to that copy...!

WHAT can I do, in order to make Outlook use my 3,7 GB PST file again!

PS. I've tried already ForcePSTPath in Registry, but this only gives some error messages (well first it seems to help to kick out other PST files, that I haven't been able to kick out, but after that I was created anyways again automatically, which I don't want.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

best regards,

You can't deliver imap mail to pst of your choosing, it needs to deliver to its own pst file. If you moved computers or created a new profile, you can't make an imap account use an old pst. Sorry.

And forst of all thanks for the answer!

That sounds a bit weird to me... because in other forums there they write something about some tricks with the Registry...!

Is there really NO - I mean abwolutely no way - how I can use my 3.7 GByte pst file, with that account?

I mean I'm having sorted thousands of emails there in a certain order... (cleaning up Spam with many Outlook rules, etc.)

> .> shall this work all be lost now???

THANKS again for your help in advance!
Hello all...

I'm still waiting and hoping for a solution!

I know that there are solutions as I see on other forums people mention some tricks with registry...

But as well there I haven't got an answer yet ;(

Thanks in advance!

There are no tricks - the imap pst file is tied to the account that created it. The only way to reuse it is to export the profile that created it from the registry and import it. However, that can introduce even more problems so we never, ever recommend doing that.

Even if you make the account use the old pst (using the method at moving an imap pst) outlook will resync the filders, erasing the mail locally and downloading the mail again.

As for losing the how the mail is filed - if its an imap account, the changes were synced up to the server so the folder structure will remain the same. it just needs to be downloaded again. Sorry.

So if I undrestand correctly:

Outlook is so stupid - sorry there's no other way to better describe it - that it can't use = reconnect a (imap) PST file to the account again,

that you have deleted from Outlook properly and now want to use again!?

This sounds to me, like a home made mail solution, garage project, or something similar...

but not something that desirves to be paid for - even for a professional and most recent version.

For the solution (link) you mention:

I've mentioned above, that I've tried already ForcePSTPath in Registry, but this only gives some error messages & after that it creates anyways again automatically the pst file.

For the fact, that even if it's possible to make Outlook use the (old) (imap) pst file it would download all mails again:

Why actually can Outlook not realize that emails have been downloaded already and wants to download them again?

Is that so complicated to run a short checksum over a mail?

Please tell me more about the Registry solutions and details so I can understand:

- Where are the Outlook rules stored - in the PST files - in any config files?

- Where is the configuration stored in Outlook, where the mapping of an account to the pst file is saved?
because I do have a backup, with that configuration so I would be able to get those files back from the backup.
--> which parts of the backup would I have to copy from the backup to the current Outlook folders?

Thanks again!

kind regards,


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