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My computer was just updated to Outlook 2010. I have been trying to change my settings. In my last version I had all of my completed tasks at the bottom of my task list. I have not been able to find a way to do this yet.

How do I put all completed tasks at the bottom of my task list I outlook?

Thanks for your help.
Hi Diane,

I open Microsoft Outlook; I then click the task icon on the lower left corner. I then click “Tasks” which is located below the “My Tasks” and “To-Do list”, located upper left of the main pane.

My tasks are all numbed with a sequential job number. The job number is used as the “Subject”. Then tasks are sorted by “Subject”.

When the task is complete I want it to still be available to review it (i.e. not deleted), but moved below all active tasks.

I appreciate your assistance.
So you are in the Task folder itself, not the To-do Bar - that makes it a little easier as the filter options are a little better.

What you want is to sort by complete field then by Subject. Another option is a custom view that hides completed items and second one that shows completed items.
BTW, it may be easier to configure sorting from the View Ribbon, View Settings button, not by clicking the columns. I think you want Flag Status ascending (or complete Column ascending)/ subject ascending.

Tip: if you hold shift when you click columns to sort, you'll be able to sort by multiple columns.
Hi Diane,

I used
the View Ribbon to configure the sorting as you suggested. I was not able to locate the toggle to set up the custom view.

It now looks the way I wanted.

Your responses have been
Very Helpful!

Thank you.

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