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I've seen several posts and no clear solutions to this extremely annoying problem.

I recently installed Outlook 2010 over 2003 on an XP system. I then set up a new Win7 x64 machine and installed new Outlook 2010, manually recreating all profiles. I then started working exclusively on the new Win7 machine. There are about 12 POP3 accounts across 4 different mail servers (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Optonline, Cybertec). The problem discussed started occurring once I upgraded XP to 2010 and remains under new install on Win7.

From time-to-time, while performing automatic send/receive, Outlook will prompt for all account username/passwords on 1 or 2 of those mail servers (typically only 1). I can manually perform send/receive and may or may not have the same thing occur. A short while later, it stops happening, but comes back later.

Since it's not always the same server, I feel it's related to some "time to live" function, but don't know of any way to pinpoint the problem or to address it. I've had my ISP come out and ensure cleanliness of the broadband line. I've tried disabling Antivirus checking of email.

Anyone REALLY know what's happening or a way to get Outlook to "debug" it's send/receive details?
I'm not sure its a time to live or mailbox lock, but it is related to the Send/Receive, not your hardware or dirty lines. Multiple accounts on one server is the likely cause.

How often are you checking mail? I recommend using at least 8 - 10 minutes between mail passes, and with 12 accounts, you could go closer to 15 min. Because you have multiple accounts on a server, it is a good idea to move some accounts to a second send/receive group. If you split the accounts so 6 are in one group and 6 in the other and set one to check every 8 minutes and the other every 13 or 15, the problem should go away.

Thanks for the suggestion about setting up separate Send/Receive groups - I'll give that a try.

I also found out how to turn on logging and below is a snippet where a failure occurs (color coded to server). Looks like Outlook has multiple threads executing simultaneously, as actions from different servers are occurring asynchronously. Not sure if this is related to the issue that you're trying to prevent by setting up separate groups.


POP3 (mail.optonline.net): ========= Initial blob =========

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): ===================================

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): Port: 110, Secure: no, SPA: no

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): Finding host

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): Connecting to host

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): Connected to host

POP3 (mail.private1.com): <rx> +OK

POP3 (mail.private1.com): Disconnected from host

POP3 (mail.private1.com): ========= No blob changes =========

POP3 (mail.private1.com): ===================================

POP3 (mail.private1.com): End execution

sales@private1.com: ReportStatus: RSF_COMPLETED, hr = 0x00000000

sales@private1.com: Synch operation completed

POP3 (pop.secureserver.net): ========= Initial blob =========

POP3 (pop.secureserver.net): ===================================

POP3 (pop.secureserver.net): Port: 110, Secure: no, SPA: no

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): <rx> +OK <26742.1331591872@mail
POP3 (mail.optonline.net): Authorizing to server

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): [tx] CAPA

POP3 (pop.secureserver.net): Finding host

POP3 (pop.secureserver.net): Connecting to host

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): <rx> -ERR authorization first

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): [tx] USER myaccount@optonline.net

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): <rx> +OK

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): [tx] PASS *****

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): <rx> -ERR authorization failed

POP3 (mail.optonline.net): Retrying authorization
Yes, that is the issue that separate groups is supposed to solve.

I split into 4 send/receive groups based on email server and set time-to-refresh to primes 11, 13, 17 and 19 minutes.

This seems to have helped - no more interspersed threads in the log - but still had problems overnight with 1 server until I shut down and restarted Outlook (see below). I tried pinging and tracert "p3plpop09-01.prod.phx3.secureserver.net" ([]) with no success - does that mean that the hosting company switched from one email server to another?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.


POP3 (mail.private1.com): ========= Initial blob =========

POP3 (mail.private1.com): ===================================

POP3 (mail.private1.com): Port: 110, Secure: no, SPA: no

POP3 (mail.private1.com): Finding host

POP3 (mail.private1.com): Connecting to host

POP3 (mail.private1.com): Connected to host

POP3 (mail.private1.com): <rx> +OK <24375.1331723463@p3plpop09-01.prod.phx3.secureserver.net
POP3 (mail.private1.com): Authorizing to server

POP3 (mail.private1.com): [tx] CAPA

POP3 (mail.private1.com): <rx> -ERR authorization first

POP3 (mail.private1.com): [tx] USER orders@private1.com

POP3 (mail.private1.com): <rx> +OK

POP3 (mail.private1.com): [tx] PASS *****

POP3 (mail.private1.com): <rx> -ERR authorization failed

POP3 (mail.private1.com): Retrying authorization

POP3 (mail.private1.com): Disconnected from host

POP3 (mail.private1.com): End execution

orders@private1.com: ReportStatus: RSF_COMPLETED, hr = 0x800ccc92

orders@private1.com: Synch operation completed
It means they don't allow ping and tracert is blocked at the firewall. One ding overnight could mean the server was down for updates or a reboot. Watch it throughout the day and see what happens.
Watched and the problem still exists - for more than 1 send/receive group. So, I'm back to square 1, though not occurring as often.

I'm gonna chalk it up to Outlook 2010 being bug-gy. If anyone experiences the same problem and finds a solution, please post it.
Getting closer to a solution. Upon further inspection of the Outlook log file, I'm seeing that Outlook was sending one server's email request to another server (e.g., a GoDaddy email account was being sent to Network Solutions' email server). That explains why the credentials were denied as invalid username/password.

I also verified the problem from CMD prompt. I did a ping and tracert to mail.private1.com (where private1 is my web site domain) and saw it resolve to Network Solutions!! Walked away for 2 hours and typed exact same commands and it resolved to the correct IP address.

So now I just need to figure out WHY these servers are getting confused. I do not use "hosts" file and local DNS doesn't show any references to email servers. Not even sure if being caused by Outlook 2010, but since that's the only program referencing these servers, I'm keeping an open mind.

Will post again when problem and solution are identified.
That sure sounds like a DNS problem. flush dnd and see if it helps.
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