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I am using MS Office Outlook 2007 and use shortcuts extensively.

In the Navigation pane, I have several groups, one for each of my clients.

Each group has a shortcut link to that clients mail folder, their Windows Explorer folder and their Excel spreadsheet.

Because Outlook is always open, I can quickly pull information for a particular client if I am working on their account. What I do not have is a way to pull their contact information with a single click. The quickest way to pull contact info is from the Search Address Book field.

I would like to have a shortcut link to a particular contact added to my shortcut groups. What is the easiest way to do this?

I would also like to pull a task/task list relevant to a particular client.

All help and constructive advice welcome.

To be more precise, I would like to know how linking to specifics in the contact database worked.

For instance, when a name is in a contacts field, what is the command that calls that contact information?
I cannot find any way to create a shortcut for an individual contact page. It either works out as an attachment or subject line which means I have to open another item to get to the link. what am I doing wrong?
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