BCM contact appears in OL contacts as well

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Hi everyone,

I am using OL 2010 + BCM @ 32 on Win 7 @ 64.

Pls help me to solve the foll problem. Whenever I import an OL contact to BCM that same contact appears twice in OL contacts. One is "Outlook contact" and the other one is "Business contact".

Practically all the BCM contacts are present in OL contacts as well. Is this normal ? Now I have lots of duplicate contacts in my OL contact folder.

Now, if I want to sync with my iPhone I get duplicate contacts due to BCM.

Could somebody help me solve this problem ?


That is normal. If you don't want to see both, either delete the ones in outlook or move them to a new contacts folder and don't enable it as an address book. I'm not sure if this will help with the iphone dupes - are you using icloud or iTunes to sync?
Thanks for your quick answer.

So, you are suggesting to delete or move the contacts marked with "Business contact", aren't you? In this case how are these contacts, OL and BCM, able to stay in sync with each other?

As regards the sync with my iPhone, I use iTunes.

Anyway I will try to have a new folder in OL and move my Business contacts there.

Best regards,

Without seeing your profile, I would move the ones in Contacts. I'm guessing business contacts are synced with BCM. If you don't need them on the iPhone, you could disable syncing. It's quite possible that it will be ok to move the business contacts though - i'm just not 100% sure what created them and moving them might remove them from BCM.

Check in iTunes properties (I don't have iTunes installed only icloud so I can't get the exact steps) and see if you can select which folders sync to the phone - doing that will eliminate the duplicate problem.
Well, moving or deleting the Business contacts from "Contacts" folder in OL will delete the corresponding contact in BCM.

I am now trying the "trick" with the folders and moving the Outlook contacts to this new folder and see if will sync to my iPhone without dupes.

Why Microsoft doesn't say anything about this issue or give us a hint how to organize Outlook contacts and BCM contacts? I thought Business contacts and OL contacts do not mix together. I was wrong..

I've recently installed BCM to OL2010 on a Win XP system and I didn't encounter this problem. BCM contacts didn't appear in OL contacts folder !!

Thank you again,

Go to the folder list (Ctrl+6) - the Business Contacts should be under BCM, so they aren't mixed with your contacts. It's probably itunes doing the syncing. My daughter has itunes installed on her computer, but not BCM, so i can't check and see where you select folders to sync.
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