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Hi, I'm here because I watched a video from you about this. I've been busy the last few days transferring files from our old computer to our new computer ... and I'm a tad fried.

Our old computer used Outlook 2007 and all of our information (four e-mail accounts), one Calendar, and one Contacts were contained in one pst file. Everything came into one Inbox ... there was just 'one' of everything.

I imported that pst file into Outlook 2013 and then saw that there were two ost files in the same location as as in the older computer user ... app data\microsoft\outlook\personal.pst ... or something similar to that (I'm doing this from memory). That surprised me as I had learned online that Outlook 2013 placed those files in another location.

My new ost files are in the same location as in the old computer but there are now two ost files (since I've not included the third and fourth e-mail accounts). I may not add those accounts, but that's incidental.

My issue, I have three folders that start with ... (This computer only) .... and I would like to delete those folders.

(As an aside, my previous e-mail accounts were POP I believe, and Outlook chose IMAP for Outlook 2013, thus two ost files - one for each e-mail address account ... as opposed to the one pst file in Outlook 2007).

Would the following work around\solution work for me? What I'm thinking of doing is this. First, the (This computer only) folders are empty. I copied the contents of one (This Computer only) folder to a folder I created with a similar name.

My plan is this ... I would close Outlook 2013, rename the two ost files with the 'old' extension, open Outlook 2013, delete the 'This computer only' folders, close Outlook, rename the *.old files back to *.ost, and reopen Outlook.

Would this solve my issue with those (This computer only) folders?

I'm in no hurry to resolve this as it's only a few extra key clicks to overcome.

I sincerely appreciate in advance any suggestions you can send my way. Thanks! Dave Horne - The Netherlands
I'm not sure what you meant by importing the old pst - if you opened it in outlook that is fine.

What I would do:
1. Open the old pst from outlook 2007 in 2013 - file, account settings, data files, add is one way.
2. Set it as default data file.
3. Close outlook, delete the ost files.
4. Reopen outlook.

The ost files will be recreated without the this computer only files.

If you want to go back to pop3, you can create the accounts manually instead of using auto account setup.

In outlook 2007, Outlook used the local appdata path for all data files. in 2010 and up, it puts the ost files (offline storage files) in local app data but pst files in my documents outlook files for easy backup. (It's usually helpful to show file extensions so you can see which are pst and which are ost files. )
Diane, first thanks for replying!

I copied my old pst file to the desktop of the new computer and imported it to Outlook 2013 using the import command in Outlook. As I recall I couldn't find the location on my new computer (user\app data\microsoft\outlook ... etc) even with being able to see hidden directories\files, so instead of placing that file there I had to put it on the desktop and import it.

I don't mean to be dense, but I don't want to screw this up and I want to be sure of what exactly I should do.

With Outlook 2013 closed, do you want me to place the pst file in the same folder as the ost files, and then open Outlook and choose that pst file as the default data file (in Accounts)? And then I would close Outlook, go back to that folder and delete the ost files I've been using for the last few days?

I'm rather stressed out at the moment and don't want to make mistakes. Please bear with me.

Thanks, Dave Horne
Did you import the calendar and contacts into the 'this computer only' folders? If yes, did you create new appointments, contacts, or tasks in those folders? If the pst you moved has everything in it, you won't need worry about exporting from those folders.

I would move the old pst from the desktop to Documents\Outlook Files. If outlook files does not exist under documents, create the folder.

Close Outlook, move the pst. Open control panel, mail, Data files and add the pst to the profile. Set it as the default data file.
Select one of the imap ost files and click Open Folder. This will open windows explorer to the location of that data file. There will be one data file for each imap account - you really only need to delete the ones that have 'this computer only' folders.

Restart outlook. new contacts and appointments will go into the pst file (where they will be safe) and the imap accounts will contain only mail, which is also safe since a copy is on the server.
Diane, thanks!

I managed to rename one folder after deleting its 'twin' and am left with two sync folders (which I moved down the list to be out of sight).

The remaining 'This computer only' folder is Contacts and I deleted its twin. No information was lost and I'll simply live with what I have.

Part of the reason why I am now reluctant to redo all this, my wife and I spent hours deleting e-mails from Outlook in the last two days to clean things up ... and I don't want to go through that again.

I sincerely appreciate your time ... You've helped me in the past either directly or by me reading your responses.

Thanks you ... and if you are ever over this way, let me know and dinner and drinks are on me, seriously. We live just outside of s'Hertogenbosch about an hour from Amsterdam.

Dave Horne - Vught, the Netherlands ... my contact information is very easy to find.
Diane, I tried what you suggested and I'm sure the fault was mine, but I would up losing _everything_.
(I've lost a few pounds today from stress.)

In order to save the day, I uninstalled Office using the FixIt tool, reinstalled it, moved my pst file to Documents\Outlook.

I have all my files back ... and then some, but now I'm greeted with three accounts - Personal Folders, my e-mail address, and my wife's e-mail address.

If I send an e-mail from the Personal Folder account, my e-mail address is the Sender. So it appears that the Personal Folders account and my account are .... shared(?)

I've moved some of the folders in that Personal Folders account to my and my wife's set of folders (since that was appropriate considering the kind of information it was).

How do I proceed from here? I don't want to go through losing my Contact information again.

(I know this may not be possible, but I would gladly call you _and_ pay you for your time.)
Diane, I tried what you suggested ... and I'm sure the problem was caused by me, but I wound up with _nothing_. I was forced to use the MS Fixit tool to completely uninstall Office and reinstalled it. I'm sure I didn't follow your instructions to the letter, but now I am further but with different problems. (ALso, the pst file is located at Documents\Outlook ... and the ost files are located at User\ AppData\... etc.

Now I have a different issue. I now have three InBoxes in my Personal Folders.

The top folder is called Personal Folder, and the other two reflect me and my wife's e-mail address.

If I click on Personal Folder and create an e-mail, I see my address as the Sender.

If I click on the account under this, I see my e-mail address as the Sender, and the acount for my wife shows her address as the Sender.

How can this be resolved? I've moved some folders from that Personal Folder account to my account and my wife's account.
Sorry for the near duplicate message ... one message disappeared from my screen and I was forced to write it again. My apologies.
Diane, I went back and redid Outlook. It's 4AM here, I couldn't sleep.

I copied my pst file (from the old computer) to Documents\Outlook. I opened Outlook, deleted the two ost e-mail accounts, closed Outlook, reopened and created two new e-mail accounts using the POP configuration.

While this may not be ideal, I feel better.

My pst and those two new ost files are all located in Documents\Outlook ... that was done by Outlook, not by me.

If you wish to point me to discussions on how I should deal with this configuration, feel free to do so.

Sorry for all the messages. I realize that IMAP is better, but POP, at least for now, is less stressful. :)

All the best, Dave
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