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This is not a major issue but I am at a loss.

In Contacts Business Card view ... the top of the card in smaller font reads ... Last Name, First Name.

And in larger font (under the horizontal line) the name appears as you would want it in a business card ... First Name Last Name (no comma).

There are however a few business cards where the 'file as' is as it should be (Last Name, First Name) but the name on the card itself reads Last Name First Name (no comma).

I've tried everything I can think of. First I would compare fields between entries that looked 'good' against others that did not look as I expected them to, and could find no difference.

I should add that the view in Address Cards is consistent ... Last Name, First Name ... it's only in Business Card view where the Name of the person appears the same format as the the File As at the top of the card (in smaller font). (I trust I'm explaining this clearly.)
OPen the contact and click on the Full name button. Are the names in the correct fields?

In the Check Full Name box the names appears as they should.

I should add if I edit the names _in_ the Business Card (so that the Business Card looks as it should), any chnages I make there are reflected back in the Check Full Name window.
I can't edit my previous message. This issue exists in Business Card and People view. In Address Cards view, everything looks as it should.
Diane, after spending more time with this issue, I've come up with a work-around, it's not elegant, but it works.

I create a New Contact

In Full Name I enter John Smith
In File as I manually enter Smith, John

The Business Card now displays John Smith (in the larger font) and the important File as is Smith, John (in smaller font).

It's only when I click on Full Name and see the Check Full Name that I see First name Smith and Last name John.

The Contacts I have from Office 2002 and 2007 all show correct entries for First Name, Last Name ... and the view of the Business Card is as it should be. This appears to be an issue with my computer and Outlook 2013.

I am still open to suggestions though. Thanks in advance, Dave Horne
In File, Options, People what are the defaults set to? It sounds like its set to Last First. With this option, you don't need to use a comma to enter the last name first. (You can always use last, first with the comma and outlook will put the names in the correct field.)
Diane, the settings there are

Default "Full Name" order: Last First
Default "File As" order: Last, First

I'll play around with this setting and see what happens. Thanks!
Diane, your last message to me was the solution. Thank you! ... and I feel very stupid because I had seen those options as well.

Thank you.
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