Using 2003 .pst files w 2013

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Old computer = 32 bit w7 w Office 2003. New computer = 64 bit w7 w new install office 2013. Desire is to use the old .pst files w new Outlook. (old .pst files copied to disk and from disk to new computer)
Tried copying the old files to the new "outlook files" location = no success.
Tried tip from web = run Outlook, File, Open ... Does not work because Outlook opens with personal assistant demanding to set up email accounts. If none are set up, it closes itself, thus I can never get to the File command. Attempting to set up one of my email accounts failed also. Would appreciate any insight.

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Go through the account setup wizard and add the (first) email account then after it is finished, select the option to manually configure in the lower left then click Next. You'll be able to add the pst as the default data file for that account. If you have more accounts to add, you can add them from the profile - File, Account settings.

Screenshots are here:
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