Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interface

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Hi Fellow Techies,

I have two brand new computers running Windows 7 Home. I have installed Microsoft Office Small Business 2000 on both with Outlook 2000. I have brought over from the two old computers, all .pst accounts. I have two sceranios going on...

1st computer -When Outlook is opened, the folder list panel is showing two pst folders that are no longer present and do not exist. When the program opens, I receive an error message of...

"The information service has not been configured. Select an existing file to configure or type the name of a new file to create."

My thought is that this is due to the two non-existing .pst confusing the third default pst folder. So I have been attemtping to delete or modify the start up of Outlook to avoid the load of these two non-existant pst's. This is a standalsone (non-work group or corporate) configuration. I have tried deleting the original setup of the account, to run scanpst, to uninstall the program and reinstall, to allow for a compact and enlarge (not the issue), remove and delete all MAPI files and basically all items Microsoft offers on this issue. I may be off here, but I continue to think if I can only find a way to surpress/modify the original load of those two non-existant pst's. Not certian if a registry mod would do the trick??? I can go offline and close the two non-exisitant PST's and then go back on line and all is fine until I reboot the computer and the two pst's reappear with the same problem. Any ideas would be grealy appreciated...

2nd Computer - After configuring the email account, I open up Outlook only to receive the following error message...

"Messaging Interface has returned an unknown error"

Again, I have brought over all backup pst's and Outlook will not allow me to open a past pst file and instead closes the program completely. I have gone to Microsoft's site as well on this issue andhave again applied a scanpst to files, created a new profile, new set of MAPI, etc. and still no luck. This computer too is a standalone. Any ideas on this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interfa

Several things are likely at play here.

1. Outlook 2000 is not supported on Win7 and there are a number of issues with it on Win7. See http://www.outlook-tips.net/howto/ol2000_win7.htm for more info.

2. How did you move outlook? There are issues with the profiles when easy transfer moves them from older computers. I'd repair outlook and make a new profile.

3. Are you using Corporate mode or Internet only? Internet only mode doesn't work well on Win7, but corp mode should be usable. It would be better if you upgraded to outlook 2010 tho.

Oh, and on more thing i forgot - do not use the Windows problem solver utility and let it set outlook to use compatibility mode. That will also cause errors.


Re: Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interfa

Hi Slipstick,

1. I am aware that there may be issues with Windows 7 and have taken a look at the website you made mention of. I will continue to refer to it to try a few more things. thanks !

2. Regarding Outlook, I did not move the program - if fact the program is a brand new install. I only migrated the pst folders. At thi time, I have both repair the Outlook program, reinstalled it and ran scanpst many times with no error messages. It does not appear that the Data File Management option is available in 2000.

3. I have tried it running in both standalone and workgroup given Microsoft's recommendation with the same issues occuring.

Thanks Slipstick for your concern and response. I am so very frustrated.


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Re: Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interfa

In Outlook 2000 you need to either use the control panel, Mail applet or Use File, Open, Outlook data files when you add new pst files to the profile.

If you make a new profile from scratch and let it make a new pst, do you get errors?

Did you check to see if outlook is set to use compatibility mode? See http://www.slipstick.com/problems/compat_mode.htm


Re: Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interfa

Hi Slipstick,

Thanks again for your continued help....

I did read over the compatibility mode write up and actually had tried running Outlook 2000 both ways - by default and with under the Windows XP mode - same issues.

I am trying to remember how I was once able to go to Control Panel, click on the Mail icon, and I thought it gave me the option to delete certain folders from a given profile so to avoid the load with the "dead" missing pst's. Can't seem to find that.

Regarding the ability to create a new profile, I have tried that as well even after deleting/removing the old profile and still the same messages.

Given the situtation, I am now wondering if there is a way to migrate to either a newer version of Outlook or even Microsoft Live and save/be able to access all the email previously received.


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Re: Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interfa

In Windows 7 (and Vista) type Mail in the Start menu's Search field and wait for Mail (or Mail (32 bit)) to come up - if it doesn't, click on Control panel link to restrict the search to the control panel. See http://www.outlooktutor.com/Config/FindtheMailSetupApplet.aspx if you need a tutorial - beginning about 45 second into it is the win7 instructions.

You can definately upgrade to a newer version of Outlook. There is a trial for Office 2010 - you can see if you like it (and use it to export the mail to Live mail if necessary.). If you don't need all the features in Outlook, Live mail may very well meet your needs. It includes a calendar too - eliminating one reason many people use outlook.

If you have 64-bit Windows, my recommendation is to use the 32-bit version of Office 2010, at least for now and until you decide if you are going to keep it. (You need 32bit to to export, if you decide to switch to live mail.)


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Re: Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interfa

Messaging Interface has caused an unknown error mainly due to PST file corruption. To get rid of such error, you must go for PST repair tool. For e.g if you get this messaging interface error in outlook 2007,you need to use Outlook 2007 PST repair tool that completely repair corrupt outlook files in an efficient manner by recovering all the data.

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Re: Outllook 2000 - 2 Errors - The Information Service / The Messaging Interfa

You do not need to purchase a pst repair tool - in many cases, the free scanpst tool that comes with outlook will fix the problems.

See Repair a damaged Personal Folders PST file for the steps to repair a pst - and if you do need something better than the free scanpst, there are several pst repair tools there for you to choose from.

Step by step instructions for using scanpst: How to use Scanpst.exe to repair Microsoft Outlook data files
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