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As a user/developer for Office/Outlook since before 2000, I've only attempted to look at BCM once. That attempt several years ago failed because of issues related to installation order, at that time BCM didn't recognize .NET 2 if .NET 3 was installed first, or some such folly. Looking in this forum today I see the product seems plagued by similar issues. People are having a hard time just installing it or understanding the licensing, let alone using it at the same level as Outlook. Is this thing in perpetual beta or is it a stable offering?

But I'd like to take a step back. I still don't understand BCM. I don't know how many people use it, how they're using it, or what the experience is for someone already familiar with Outlook. If I had a real decent intro to BCM, using my Outlook experience as a base, I might be more inclined to use it and develop tools that interface with it. Of course there are web sites about BCM but I haven't found anything that says "here's your experience with Outlook, and here is your experience enhanced with daily use of BCM".

I wouldn't mind downloading it from MSDN and installing it to my development system, as long as I know it won't trash my environment for other work. I honestly still can't figure out if this is something we install instead of Office 2010, on top of Office, or if it's something that sits next to Office and completely independent.

I was hoping someone here could share their experience or refer me to a good site that isn't generic - I speak "marketing" but the "marketing-speak" on BCM sites just doesn't speak to me.


It took me also sometime to figure how BCM works, all depends on how well you know CRM.

I am using it for my on line ecommerce B2C (products).

There are no many BCM 2010 book references, so I started printing the detailed Help pages.

There are couple BCM 2007 books and a How-To guide Business Contact Manager 2007.

The Outlook 2010 All-in-One For Dummies has about 50 pages dedicated to BCM.

My suggestion for intro, to use the program's Welcome Center videos.

Check out also youtube.

I hope I helped you.
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