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Hello, and apologies if this has been asked before but my searches have so far proved fruitless.

I create approx. 500 Excel and Word documents every week for various recipients throughout the company that I work for. One of the head honchos has asked to be cc'd on all of these for this week only to determine the worth of continuing this way.

The documents are all created via an MS Access Database and VBA scripts to send the individual reports via Outlook. Initially, I was going to add my boss as a recipient on every single one - simple but time consuming. Then I had the idea of creating a Rule in Outlook to automatically send a copy of every outgoing email to her. Set it up in no time and a couple of tests worked perfectly.

Unfortunately, the rule does not seem to be working on the emails being created outside of the outlook environment i.e. the VBA scripting from Access. Even trying to run the rule manually over the Sent Items box does not work.

As I'm writing this, I've just remembered that we have the little program that "avoids" the pop-up security message when trying to send emails via VBA - would this be impacting the Rules in any way? And if not, does anyone know what else would be preventing the rule from working?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - even just confirmation that it can't be done this way.:confused:

Many Thanks

Tracey L

Brisbane, Aus
You'll need to use VBA to do this - the rules work on mail sent from outlook but mail generated from other programs bypass rules. This should work - Automatically BCC All Messages - Slipstick Systems - use olCC instead of olBCC if you want to cc
Hi Diane - thanks heaps for the reply.

Unfortunately, that solution is not going to help me as each report is created by its' own VBA module. I'd have go and manually update them all which is what I was hoping to avoid.

At least I know it can't be done this way. Thanks again for replying so quickly :D
That is an outlook auto-run macro, so it should work with mail generated by other macros or by outside programs.
Ohh.. gotcha - sorry, misunderstood. I've now added it to my Outlook VBA and seems to be working perfectly - thanks!
I spoke too soon - this is working on emails created in Outlook itself. Anything generated in Access via the VBA code is still bypassing all rules and this new script.

Thanks anyway for your assistance.
Hmm. I know some things won't work because of how the other applications access outlook, but I thought it hit outlook soon enough for this to catch it. (I use an itemsend with a mail merge in word.)
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