BCM 2013 in Outlook 2013 will not load

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Joe Ortiz

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I recently upgraded to Office 2013 64 bit, and downloaded and installed BCM 2013 64 bit, but when I try to open it, I keep getting the following error messages:


I can't seem to find any answers on Microsoft's support site. Has anyone else had this problem?
By the way, I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
Sorry about the images above, but these are the error messages I keep receiving.
2014-03-16_10-39-46.jpg 2014-03-16_9-52-21.jpg
That second error is interesting. It seems to reference an addin that Outlook 2013 doesn't support. Did you have custom toolbars with your old version of Outlook?

The first error isn't all that uncommon - BCM is buggy for some people.
sorry that my post will not help you efficiently, but:

ever prefer the 32 bit installation of MS Office, even when running a 64 bit os. Actually Microsoft itself recommends this.


the only reason to install a 64 bit office is the usage of 64 bit Addins that are not available in 32 bit.

I always had compability problems with thoose 64 bit installations since the 2007 Version of office, in particular in combination with VBA/ APIs

Your issue maybe found in the combination of your 64 bit client office and a 32 bit server installation of
- Exchange Server
- MS SQL Server

or a 32 bit Server operating system

a 64 bit os can handle all 32 bit tasks, the other way around is not possible!
Hello Diane, I hope you can help me out
I recently upgraded outlook from 2007 to 2013 I was trying to install BCM and received the error message
"Microsoft sql server express installer reported an error"
how can I get BCM installed? I was not using an earlier version of BCM
What version of Windows? Did this come up before it was completely installed? SQL needs some updates installed to work - it will give you a warming before installing but will work as long as you run windows update and install the sql updates before using it.

The error log should hold some clues - i think its in Temp folder, but the error message should tell you the exact path.

Or right click on the BCM installer and choose Run as administrator. (try this first)
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